The Harringay & Tottenham WI

aka the Hatters!



  1. How do I join the Hatters WI?

    If you'd like to join our WI group just come down to one of our meetings (see the calender section for future meetings) and speak to the membership secretary. 

    Alternatively you can contact us via the Contact section of this site.

  2. How much does membership cost?

    Membership for 2017 costs £39.00 for the full year (and less if you join part-way through the year) and includes:

    - 8 copies of WI Life magazine delivered to your door

    - 11 WI meetings per year *

    - Access to The WI Denman College

    - The ability to start and participate in sub-groups of the Hatters WI

    - The opportunity to meet like-minded women, and have a blast!

    * there may be extra cost for events outside meetings, e.g. theatre trips etc.

  3. Can I come to a meeting if I am not a WI member?

    Yes, of course! We ask for a donation of £4.00 per meeting to contribute towards the meeting costs, but if you decide to join on the same night we will refund you this* 

    * please note that we can only refund you the fee on and for the night you join.

  4. Can I come to a meeting if I am a member of another WI?

    Indeed you can, we do ask for a nominal donation of £4.00 per meeting to help us cover the costs of the meetings. 

    Alternatively you can sign up for dual membership and belong to both your original WI and The Hatters WI. You only have to pay an additional £18.00 per annum for dual membership.

  5. Do I have to be a resident of Harringay or Tottenham to be a member of the Hatters WI?

    No, we welcome women from anywhere and everywhere.

    There are many WI groups in London and the UK which may be a little more local to you, but if you fancy the trip to N15 then we would love to see you!

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The Meetings

  1. What do you do at the monthly meetings?

    In a nutshell - that is up to you!

    Each meeting starts out with the inevitable formalities of running the WI but these are kept to a minimum so we can focus on the theme of the meeting.

    We plan the theme of our WI meetings annually in advance but are always looking for new ideas and suggestions, so if you want to hear more about local history, or would like to try out some Tai Chi, speak to one of the committee members at the next meeting or drop us a line via the contact us section of this site and we will see what we can do.

    Take a look at the Calendar section of this site to see what we are covering in our up and coming meetings.

  2. Can I bring children to the meetings?

    Unfortunately not; the WI constitution stipulates that it is for women of 18 and over.

    Also, our insurance does not cover us for children being present at our meetings and, as some of our meetings will involve such things as cooking and craft making, we cannot guarantee the safety of your little ones.

  3. Where do you meet?

    We are currently meeting at the Phoenix Millennium Centre next to St John Vianney Church on West Green Road, N15. See here for a map.

    If the current location becomes insufficient for our requirements we will look at moving elsewhere in the locality, but this will be with the full consultation of the members of the Hatters WI.

  4. I am a local business, can I come and demonstrate our products/services at one of your meetings?

    If your business is relevant to the interests of our members then indeed you can - please do bear in mind that if you wish to offer any products/services for sale at the meeting we reserve the right to keep 10% of the takings.

    If you are interested in visiting one of our meetings please get in touch via the Contact section of this site - we will then discuss at our next meeting and get back to you with an answer.

  5. What is a Sub-Group?

    If there is a certain activity or topic that interests a number of our members, or a member who has a skill or expertise that they would be happy to share, we will be able to create sub groups.

    These sub-groups will meet separately from the main monthly WI meetings and must be self sufficient (i.e. not rely on the Main WI funds). Examples of other WI sub-groups include knitting, book clubs, baking clubs - the list goes on...

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The Committee

  1. Who is on the Hatters WI Committee and what do they do?

    You will find a list of our current committee members in the Commitee section of this website.

    Committee members manage the administration of the WI group including:

    - membership and subscriptions

    - organising meeting speakers and themes

    - liaising with the Middlesex Federation (our parent federation)

    - the accounts

    There are 3 official committee members, which is the minimum any WI must have, and who are elected at the beginning of each year., after our AGM in April These are the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

    Additional committee members take on other roles such as managing the memberships or organising the meeting themes and speakers. 

  2. Can I join the Hatters WI Committee?

    We're always looking for enthusiastic people who are able to help run and enrich the Hatters WI. The only thing we ask is that you are a member.

    Although the 3 official roles are elected annually there are often opportunities to join the committee in a supporting capacity. Please make yourself known to either the President or Secretary at your next meeting or by contacting us via the Contact section of this website.

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Find out more

  1. How can I found out more?

    You can join our general email list, where we will keep you updated on meetings and events. Hatters WI members may receive more emails about WI business.

    You can follow us on" target="_blank">Twitter or like our page on" target="_blank">Facebook.

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